Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is how Luxury On Crack begins...

I have to confess, I have an addiction: Luxury is my crack.
So it all begins eight months ago: I just got out of college, got a pretty good job to support myself, and moved out to the Bay Area to start my new life.

With some money and all the homework-free time after work, I started to explore this whole new exciting area that as a previous poor college kid did not have the privilege to explore 
-- the world of designer clothing.

First it was designer bags. Aft
er the first acquisition of a Miu Miu Vitello satchel, I then ventured out to a Chloe paddington dome. Then a Stella McCartney. Then a Gryson. Then a's almost a new bag story every week. Almost.

With a nice bag I need a nice pair of heels to go with it. My first pair of real designer heels is a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs Oxford heel..... then it's Mr YSL and sir Valentino......then it's Mr
 Balenciaga's designs who grace my feet. 

Lastly and perhaps the most deadly, I started to get into designer clothing. Expensive, luxurious, cool, funky, elegant, feminine, edgy apparel. Yea, when you step your feet into apparel, the spending just don't stop at the latest pair of YSL Tributes*. It starts with Anthropologie ( yea not exactly designer apparel, but I definitely do give credit for all the up and coming names they sell), then Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs,  Burberry Porsum.... and currently ends up in Undercover and Junya Watanabe. Oh the edginess. Oh the cool, pretty clothes.

Yet as my spending limits keeps raising, the economy keeps falling...... and then you kind of imagine the story. I got laid off.

So with all the free time and the upcoming bills to pay, I started to reflect what I have been doing all my life after college: why am I chasing fashion? How did all this happen?

I start to realize, I am seriously addicted to this crack called "Luxury". Yet this "crack" is not harmful to society at all; it is this addiction for beautiful things that transforms then once little girls into the stylish and graceful Ms Carine Roitfeld and La Lanphear ( aka Tommy Ton's dear name of the great Kate Lanphear). Yet, can the obsession justify the high prices? 

Hence the birth of Luxury on Crack: A blog with a critical approach about all the "Cracks" and addictions of the true fashionista. It aims to provide snapshots of the ongoing and everchanging fashion "addictions" (i.e trends and directions). It is, ultimately, a glimpse about the appreciation for all things beautiful.

So by now after going through a couple paragraphs of my crappy english, you probably know that I am not the best writer in the world. Instead of being the blogger myself, I would love to invite all those luxury crackaholics out there to blog about all those fashion addictions that they are proud to share. It's simple; just follow this template:

Crack #( insert the no. of posts we have): 
(insert brand/person/style/clothing item/whatever related to fashion)

Addictions include:
(insert all the symtons that you have related to this "crack")

(insert your most honest confessions)

The crackaholic:
(insert a little description of yourself. You can talk about your latest muse, your life, your next door neighbor......anything you want to talk about yourself. Please include a photo in your best duds possible)

Easy, huh? email all answers to

There is more to what Luxury on Crack offers: join our community to discuss and share with other crackaholics of your latest and ever changing luxury addictions. Upload photos of your latest acquisitions. Be part of the fun!

Another part of Luxury on Crack is a store that sells my personal collection of designer items. I myself, since being laid off, have decided to pursue my long lost dream of being an interactive designer, hence is planning to go back to graduate school for design. (in Europe! woohoo!!) I am selling almost my entire designer collection, including all my almost new handbags and shoes to raise money for my Tuition in the fall. (That means only less than 4 months for me!) Help a fellow fashionista out and give some love to the store! and, as cliche as it sounds, I would really love to pass on my items to the home that it deserves the love and attention that it should get. Simply click the first link under my "essential links" column. If you have a similar situation like me, and have something that you want to sell, contact me at 

Anyways, that's enough BSing* for now. Time for me to research my next post on some luxury crack! I will update the site at least once a day, so be sure to come check back often and COMMENT!! Help me pass the word and love to some of your other stylish friends as well!!


Susanna (a.k.a Crackaholic #1)

* I met a girl at a party that owns every pair of YSL tributes that ever existed. No kidding.
*BSing = Bullsh*ting

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bargain Luxury Shopping

For those of you who are into luxury deals like me, here are some invites to the major online designer discount sites:

Gilt Groupe:


Rue La La:

Whoever wants to be their member post your email, and I will send an invite email to you!