Friday, September 4, 2009

Have you ever been called a Blech?

I have.

At first I thought he might mean "bitch", just maybe trying to say it in a different sound.

It wasn't as offensive when I found out what it really means. From Urban Dictionary:

an expression such as disgusting, yucky, horrid, gross...usually in taste.
Melissa "Blech! that shirt with those jeans makes me want to gag!"
Susan "Blech! eww, this pizza tastes rancid!"

As someone who loves fashion, this is pretty much the most offensive thing you could ever hear.

After I found out what that means, I frantically try to recall what I wore on every occasion that this guy could have seen me:

1st occasion : I was wearing a yellow "Free People" drape blouse with a blue skirt.

Not my best clothes, but definitely not my worst. The look is more feminine.

2nd occasion: twenty8twelve zipper tunic with Target tie dye leggings.

I'm going for the Balmain inspired look with an edge. I would say the outfit is more self pleasing than to perform the function of attracting the opposite sex. ( you know, the kind of clothes that girls like, but guys find weird? )

3rd occasion: Wilfred Brown dress with zipper on the back. Draped.

I wouldn't say that's the best outfit out there, but I don't think it deserves a "Blech".

Now let me give you a background of the person who made such a comment. The person is a 24 year old asian male. A software engineer.

A size XL chubby all round nike T-shirt wearing ( who wears Nike nowadays? ) guitar playing ( the pretentious kind that tries too hard to close their eyes while singing) type of guy.

Oh, and did I mention the trying too hard to be popular with certain girls part? ( the certain girls = slim asian girls with thick makeup that wears the best selling items from Forever 21. You know what I mean.)

yes, the whole point of the above analysis is to let you better feel my offense -- You know how much it hurts to hear a Blech call you a Blech?

Sorry Mr, you just offended me in so many ways.

That comes to the point when I'm thinking. " should I start wearing "normal" clothes? No more studded clutches, tie dye leggings? Maybe I should just turn back to sweats and jeans, though no one will really compliment, no one will critize either, and I won't end up being called a Blech."

See, that's the gray area where many girls aren't aware of, but should very much be discussed :

Should we wear clothes to please guys, or ourselves?

and in answering that, just think of the ultimate goal -- why do you want to please guys? To feel loved, to feel wanted. Doesn't it come back to the point of pleasing yourself?

Why don't we all save some efforts and just go directly into pleasing ourselves? Coz ultimately, when you're wearing something you love, you will be confident. And a women is most sexy when she is confident.

So ladies, don't be afraid to wear your leather jackets despite your boy/guy friend's opinion. Your body is an extension of your mind, and don't ever let it be controlled by anything other than yourself. That includes your personal style.

Just like how I wouldn't criticize the guy's personal taste of 1990s basketball t-shirts. And over the knee nylon basketball shorts.

P.S The guy's a christian. WWJD?

That's why i choose to write a blog post and then forget about it.

and that, my friend, serves him right.