Friday, September 4, 2009

Have you ever been called a Blech?

I have.

At first I thought he might mean "bitch", just maybe trying to say it in a different sound.

It wasn't as offensive when I found out what it really means. From Urban Dictionary:

an expression such as disgusting, yucky, horrid, gross...usually in taste.
Melissa "Blech! that shirt with those jeans makes me want to gag!"
Susan "Blech! eww, this pizza tastes rancid!"

As someone who loves fashion, this is pretty much the most offensive thing you could ever hear.

After I found out what that means, I frantically try to recall what I wore on every occasion that this guy could have seen me:

1st occasion : I was wearing a yellow "Free People" drape blouse with a blue skirt.

Not my best clothes, but definitely not my worst. The look is more feminine.

2nd occasion: twenty8twelve zipper tunic with Target tie dye leggings.

I'm going for the Balmain inspired look with an edge. I would say the outfit is more self pleasing than to perform the function of attracting the opposite sex. ( you know, the kind of clothes that girls like, but guys find weird? )

3rd occasion: Wilfred Brown dress with zipper on the back. Draped.

I wouldn't say that's the best outfit out there, but I don't think it deserves a "Blech".

Now let me give you a background of the person who made such a comment. The person is a 24 year old asian male. A software engineer.

A size XL chubby all round nike T-shirt wearing ( who wears Nike nowadays? ) guitar playing ( the pretentious kind that tries too hard to close their eyes while singing) type of guy.

Oh, and did I mention the trying too hard to be popular with certain girls part? ( the certain girls = slim asian girls with thick makeup that wears the best selling items from Forever 21. You know what I mean.)

yes, the whole point of the above analysis is to let you better feel my offense -- You know how much it hurts to hear a Blech call you a Blech?

Sorry Mr, you just offended me in so many ways.

That comes to the point when I'm thinking. " should I start wearing "normal" clothes? No more studded clutches, tie dye leggings? Maybe I should just turn back to sweats and jeans, though no one will really compliment, no one will critize either, and I won't end up being called a Blech."

See, that's the gray area where many girls aren't aware of, but should very much be discussed :

Should we wear clothes to please guys, or ourselves?

and in answering that, just think of the ultimate goal -- why do you want to please guys? To feel loved, to feel wanted. Doesn't it come back to the point of pleasing yourself?

Why don't we all save some efforts and just go directly into pleasing ourselves? Coz ultimately, when you're wearing something you love, you will be confident. And a women is most sexy when she is confident.

So ladies, don't be afraid to wear your leather jackets despite your boy/guy friend's opinion. Your body is an extension of your mind, and don't ever let it be controlled by anything other than yourself. That includes your personal style.

Just like how I wouldn't criticize the guy's personal taste of 1990s basketball t-shirts. And over the knee nylon basketball shorts.

P.S The guy's a christian. WWJD?

That's why i choose to write a blog post and then forget about it.

and that, my friend, serves him right.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crack #7: New York Shopping

New York is the mecca for fashion shopping. Period.

I remember my good old College days where I live in Rural Virginia, where I rely on online shopping to feed my thirst for fashion items. Trips to NY are like my small salvation, where I let all my deepest desires out as I pour all the small amounts of cash I have in any possible store I can find. During that time my budget only allows me to set foot in H&M and other chain stores, therefore missing out on the bigger designer fashion scene here in NY.

So, after a year of seperation, I will be re-united with NY once again for a week. Being the shopaholic that I am, I will be doing some serious shopping in NY. Yet this time, I told myself to adapt an entirely new shopping pattern in the city -- I will be visiting stores that are unique to NY; the most anticipated stores, and the stores that makes NY special. I will be reviewing them on this site:)

The shortlisted stores are:

1. TopShop

"OMG I heard Kate Moss makes clothes for them!" - yells fashion lover friend #1

Need I say more? The muse for Ms Kate Moss ( and many other misses of Great Britian) is one that must be visited. At least I have to to get those boots for my fashion lover friend, unless I want to die a horrible death.

2. Opening Ceremony

I heard they have nice clothes. Though they expanded a store in LA, the NY one is what makes them famous.

3. What goes around comes around

Vintage clothes. Recommended by Irina and La Lanphear ( Kate Laphear).

4. Barneys NY

The flagship store of the BEST store in the world. This is where all the magic started. Must go!!

5. Comme Des Garcon, Balenciaga

Been to those stores last year, but visiting them again, just to see how they have evolved. Aaah Chelsea, you're just too cool

The list above is only a tentative list, and I am still trying to find new stores to visit and review. Please do give me some suggestions to add on the list!

At the same time, I will be doing some art gallery sighting as well, so if you guys have any suggestions, please do let me know.

Ok, gotta go out and get started, check back later for the TOPSHOP review!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crack #6: Michael Jackson.

RIP King of Pop and Fashion Superstar.

Michael Jackson in Givenchy Womens' Studded Jacket and Balmain Jeans.
MJ in Balmain T-shirt.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The "Devil Wears Prada" moment

An incident on friday night made me rethink about what fashion means in my life, how it relates to this blog and what it really is all about.

So I was at a retreat this weekend with some of my friends, hanging out and chilling. As usual, my friends started talking/teasing about my fashion and spending habits, with which as most of you would know, the common outsiders normally could not understand how one would be willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a clothing item. I am so used to it that I play along with them. As long as they respect my style, everything's fine.

It is until when this girl made a speech about fashion that keeps me thinking.

She said, " Just like all the other girls, I used to buy Louis Vuitton, all those branded and expensive stuff. I used to dress up all the time, wanting to look cute and stuff. But now I am just like, whatever, I don't want the guy to just like me for the cute looks and fancy stuff, I just dress myself in sweats and jeans, and I just want the guy to like me for who I am."

First thing I want to state is: What the hell? Does she even know what she is saying? In no way would I agree to what she says. I agree to her point of being the true self and hoping to find true love through exposing ones' true self; however, the first part of the speech is what I find with the most problem.

This is one of those "devil wears Prada" moments when I truly felt the anger of Miranda Priestly with Andy Sachs' naive comments.

First of all, though I understand certain types of shoppers do buy items just for the brand name, the majority of fashion lovers buy items because they want the item, that the item is special, unique in its own way, that THEY APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY OF THAT ITEM. It is the same theory as mac lovers who are willing to shell out an extra $1000 for a mac, car lovers willing to shell out the money for ten cars for that one perfect porsche. It is about the appreciation of beautiful things. Though you might want to buy expensive things just for the brand name, don't associate your own interpretation of "expensive things" to others.

Secondly, I am pretty sure that this lady has never truly loved fashion. For those who are/ have been truly passionate about fashion, they will understand that FASHION IS NEVER ABOUT PLEASING OTHERS / PLEASING BOYS. IT IS ABOUT YOUR INTERPRETATION OF YOURSELF. It is about finding your style, understanding your body, and presenting it in the way that you feel good about yourself. The true fashionasta never dress just to impress; they dress as a form of expression, a work of art.

Besides, what if the true self of myself is the person who loves fashion? Isn't it then dressing in sweats and jeans trying too hard to "dress down to impress"?

** true story: all my guy friends thinks my designer items are weird ( think Comme Des Garcon deconstructed jackets), and my ex-boyfriend thinks that I look better in sweats and jeans. But I never try to dress down, for the fashion lover is who I am, and I continue to wear my deconstructed jacket till this day. **

Guess what i did right after I heard this comment? I just gave a laugh and let it go. Although this is just a heartless comment, it does makes me realize though that we fashion lovers, are often judged as "label whores" and "trying too hard to impress". Which is what leads me to think about why i started this blog in the first place.

I started this blog not because I want to show off my designer stuff, my outfits and my fashion muse; I wanted this blog to be a channel for those fashion outsiders to understand why we love the Rick Owens leather jacket, why we would justify spending $2k on a leather jacket, and, as Miranda priestly puts it, how it influences the clothes that you wear in the future.

Though, as serious as it sounds, the posts are intended to be fun so we fashion lovers can get a good laugh out of it at the same time:) Fashion is and should always be fun.

And if anyone ever says anything similar later in your life, please give them a little smile, and remember the similar " Devil Wears Prada" moment that we share :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Crack #5: Tie-Dye elements ( only restricted to BLUE AND WHITE color combinations)

One of the most important indication of the popularity of a trend is its extension into the "twelve by Twelve" line at Forever 21*. Based on this observation, the surface of this Tie-dyed Cardigan at Forever 21 (Pictured above) indicates that, after two decades of neglect or even disgust by the fashion world, that this trend is back once more, stronger than ever, to invade each and every wardrobe of fashionastas around the world.

The Tie-Dye we are referring to here is not the kind that you would find on the ageless (and homeless) hippie on Haight Street, or on the average American dad that are bought from the soverneir shops in Hawaii. The ones that we are referring to only consists of 2 colors ( This statement is backed up by 3 hours of research online to find a single piece of designer tie-dyed item that has more than 3 colors) -- mostly Blue and white, with the occasion combination of other colors such as black, grey or red with white. Note, that no matter what color the tie-dyed is based on, it MUST be paired with white.

The Evolution of the Tie-Dyed element within different types of clothing is basically the same as the evolution of the trend itself (which will be explained later when we discuss the origin and th starter of the trend): The Tie-Dye element is first found in Handbags (by Miu Miu), then later on extended into Dresses (Thakoon) and Jeans (Balmain). With the help of the mass-produced retailers such as Forever 21 and Urbanoutf

So which designer started the Tie-Dyed trend for this season? It seems that Miu Miu had already incorporated the idea of using new color in tie dye in their handbags way back in 2007, and given the excessive appreciation from the Olsen twins and fashion insider such as Taylor Tomasi, the trend has gained momentum into transforming the once symbol of the hippie ( signified by the bursting colors) to the now important element of every cool girl in town.

Thakoon has later on continued the inspirations by constructing dresses with Tie-Dyed patterns. The patterns has later on became his signature design asthetic, transferring from his own line to his guest collection with Target.

The Tie-dye trend is in its full speed this season when Balmain send their models waltzing down the runway with the ribbed tie-dyed jeans.

It is then we realize that Tie-Dye actually LOOKS GOOD on the lower body; Suddenly, UrbanOutfitters started carrying Tie-Dyed jeans; then it's Tarjay, Forever 21, and god knows, later in the year perhaps Old Navy and Aeropostale starts having these Balmain-inspired jeans in every color.

The trend is predicted to continue on this summer as it transcends to younger and younger girls (<15)as they roam around the streets with Tie-Dyed Levis Jeans or Forever 21 Tie-dyed leggings; though hopefully in the future, our children will still remember that the Original Tie-Dye looks like this:

Perhaps by then, though, with the addition of more and more possible colors and clothing item ( i.e tie-dyed socks?) , it might not be surprising that eventually, the rainbow tie-dye will be "in" again.

* Twelve by Twelve is the "premium" line at Forever 21 that features "designer" details, and sold at a slightly higher price than the normal Forever 21 line

Friday, May 15, 2009

Interruption#2:Crack #4: Natural Beauty

Dear Readers,

Apart from my usual lusting of designer items all over the internet, I came across this photo that inspired this post. Hence my Interruption, yet again, on the post ab
out Crack #2: Studded elements.

Crack #4: Natural Beauty

Who is she?

**excuse the extremely poor quality of the photo and the large pixels**

(scroll down to see the other half)

The story behind this couple can be read here.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Pictured here with hubby Michael Aris.

Yes, she is perhaps the most beautiful women in the world. No Designer duds, no expensive purses. Runs the true blood of royalty, yet chooses to invest her money, time, future and all those luxuries of life in something she believes in. A true Beauty inside out, one that exceeds any genius designer item in the world. (And yes, she is a fashion pioneer too. Look at that Bob)

Is The Satorialist's street style photos inspired by this one?

If you have a religion, please pray for her safety from her recent arrest; If you don't believe in a god, please take the time to read this article.

As for me, it's time I stop lusting for this past season Chloe Milton bag,

and start thinking about using the teeny weeny power of this money to help someone do something that I would never even have the courage to think of.

That is all.



P.S The post on Crack #2: studded elements is coming soon. The importance that studs plays visually and culturally in the fashion world is such an enormous topic, with which I want to take more time into finding the true meaning behind the phenomenon of the craze for studs.

Just Kidding.

In no way would I ever write such a yummylicious topic in such a heavy way. Studs are just pure..... awesome. The blog should just be filled with images after images of genius usage of this square eye candy, ready for you to lust your guts out before you could ever afford a single item pictured. Yes, I promise you, not even be able to afford a single stud on any of the items.

Just Kidding again. (wait..... maybe not so kidding. Could be true. Look at this Jacket:

I bet I couldn't even afford to TOUCH the studs. )

And my other point of putting Carine's photo is to end this post with another Natural Beauty, this time with all the designer duds!

I believe all of us don't have a problem with that ( for both Carine and the designer duds, I mean)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Interruption: Crack#3: Urbanoutfitters

Hi there-- Sorry for a little interruption from my post about Crack #2, but I found a much more interesting shopping habit of the fashion conscious young population nowadays that i think I have to talk about here.

CRACK #3: finding equalvalents at URBANOUTFITTERS

So for all the young people from 15 - 35 living in the geographical locations of the US and the UK, they would have, at some point, stepped into an UrbanOutfitters store*. It is a must have stepping point that each and every other fashionasta have come across in their life on the way to high end fashion. Apart from Forever 21, the even cheaper alternative to the chain store, this is the place where a lot of teenage girls gets their inspiration from, or for young women in their mid-twenties to buy alternative items that can temporarily act as a supplement to the pair of perfect high-end jeans or leather jacket that they are longing for.

* note: unless you are not into the trashy hipster trend that dominates 70% of the young population in major cities.

The stuff sold at Urbanoutfitters are tailored to the Hippie inspired lifestyles of young people, the kind that loves to dress like a hippe, but definitely do have the cash to spend $100 on a PVC made-in-china vintage-inspired purse. Their targeted customers are college students who opposes the preppy american style (i.e Abercrombie & Fitch, Rugby), and often invites independent artsits and designers to do special products for their store, and sponsors enviromentally or Human Rights conscious (whatever that sounds like a good cause) events to build up their brand image as a . Basically, the coporate is building their hippie empire one by one by competing local independent stores out of the market with their marked up made-by-third-world-countries goodies.

So one way to make friends with fashion lovers is to talk about how you used to love UrbanOutfitters, but would now puke to the idea of stepping into the store again*. ( at the same time praying to yourself that they won't find out you got your necklace from their online store) Talk about how you used to love their BDG jeans, their sandals and their lace tops, and then trash about how you find the quality of the items bad, and most of all, a big copy cat and insult to all the genius it-designers of the 21st century (i.e Alexander wang, Rick Owens, Balenciaga).

*This is the same theory that when you were in junior high, you used to hate aeropostle and think American Eagle is what the cool kids wear.

Though, many fashinastas would admit, as much as they dispise Urbanoutfitters nowadays, they still thank the store for being a part of their shopping memory in their youthful days.

P.S - this post is dedicated to one of my other favourite blog, Stuff white people likes. If you've noticed, the writing style of this post is greatly inspired by the blogger of that site.

What inspired me on this post is the little shopping
spree at that I just had half an hour ago. Although I do puke at the idea of going in their stores, I do occasionally go to their online store to check whether they have any Rick owens wannabe jackets and Balmain-inspired jeans there. Yes, I am a contradicting, self-clueless bitch with no stance. Hey, I got 10 items for a ridiculously delicious price, what's a laid-off fashionasta gotta do? I can even afford the idea to consider a 2k leather jacket. :(

Here are the list of items I bought:

1. Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister Normandy Cape

I plan to DIY this jacket with chains and studs. Will show pictures of the product after it's finished.

2. Coincidence & Chance Spacedye Cardigan
3. Silence & Noise Dolman Hoodie
To be DIYed item #2

4. Pins and Needles Coming Up Rosie Triangle 5. Leather Snake Skimmer

Side Striped Tight

Friday, May 8, 2009

Coming up: Crack #2: Studded elemnts!

Yea, you heard that. My next post is going to talk about studs, so stay tuned for some square eye candy!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crack #1: Balenciaga Handbags i.e BBag

Yes, I would dare say 80% of anyone who have been in one of the major cities (New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong) have come across this slouchy looking, briefcase - but not so structure type of bag before. The 80% of anyone includes your father and any men who would not have any single correlation with fashion at all. Not that they have seen the real BBag, but the replica, and the replica of the better replicas.

Yes, everybody, for the first fashion "crack" to be mentioned on this blog, there is no other item, trend or designer than to feature the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.

The basic question, about what Balenciaga is, will most likely to be asked by anyone who will ever come across this blog. ( but in case if you do, here's the wikipedia page). All I can say is, it is perhaps the most legen -- wait for it -- dary brand of now. (sorry about my Barney from "How I met your mother here. Check out their newest episode here) There will be much more posts about this fashion house. Wait and see.

The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag has been gracing the arms of the most famous women in history, according to this article:

"In 1915 the young Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga began designing fine fashions for some of the most notable women of the ear, including the Duchess of Windsor and the Princess of Monaco"

And till today, the famous women translate to the following women nowdays:

(The red purse that Lindsey is holding is the YSL Muse bag. We will come to that later. Also, Nicole seems to love the BBag wayy too much.)

And now, here are some of the ladies ( and men) that, in my opinion, totally rocks the Bal bag:

The biggest thing about the BBag is how its style last through years, if not centuries. The most famous forms of the BBag, the motorcycle bag, has maintained the same style season after season ( the only variations are of the shape, with which they distinguish by the names of Twiggy, city, midday, etc. I am no expert here, but the ladies in the Balenciaga forum on "The purse forum" can give you a whole lecture on that). What varies season by season is its colors, with which they have soecific names such as "praline", "officer", etc. (again, please refer to the ladies on The purse forum about color styles)

Anyways, since I am no BBag expert, I would stop here for now since you would know enough as to understand the craze for these bags. As for me, I currently own 2 BBags -- one white midday, and one Officer City. In case you are interested in my white midday, here's a link to give you more details.

I am currently lusting on the Praline City, which just came out this season. Aaaahh the pretty pretty damn thing!

So what do you guys think about the BBag? Is it still way too expensive and overrated, or is it justified?



Photos courtesy of the Satorialist and The purse Forum

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is how Luxury On Crack begins...

I have to confess, I have an addiction: Luxury is my crack.
So it all begins eight months ago: I just got out of college, got a pretty good job to support myself, and moved out to the Bay Area to start my new life.

With some money and all the homework-free time after work, I started to explore this whole new exciting area that as a previous poor college kid did not have the privilege to explore 
-- the world of designer clothing.

First it was designer bags. Aft
er the first acquisition of a Miu Miu Vitello satchel, I then ventured out to a Chloe paddington dome. Then a Stella McCartney. Then a Gryson. Then a's almost a new bag story every week. Almost.

With a nice bag I need a nice pair of heels to go with it. My first pair of real designer heels is a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs Oxford heel..... then it's Mr YSL and sir Valentino......then it's Mr
 Balenciaga's designs who grace my feet. 

Lastly and perhaps the most deadly, I started to get into designer clothing. Expensive, luxurious, cool, funky, elegant, feminine, edgy apparel. Yea, when you step your feet into apparel, the spending just don't stop at the latest pair of YSL Tributes*. It starts with Anthropologie ( yea not exactly designer apparel, but I definitely do give credit for all the up and coming names they sell), then Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs,  Burberry Porsum.... and currently ends up in Undercover and Junya Watanabe. Oh the edginess. Oh the cool, pretty clothes.

Yet as my spending limits keeps raising, the economy keeps falling...... and then you kind of imagine the story. I got laid off.

So with all the free time and the upcoming bills to pay, I started to reflect what I have been doing all my life after college: why am I chasing fashion? How did all this happen?

I start to realize, I am seriously addicted to this crack called "Luxury". Yet this "crack" is not harmful to society at all; it is this addiction for beautiful things that transforms then once little girls into the stylish and graceful Ms Carine Roitfeld and La Lanphear ( aka Tommy Ton's dear name of the great Kate Lanphear). Yet, can the obsession justify the high prices? 

Hence the birth of Luxury on Crack: A blog with a critical approach about all the "Cracks" and addictions of the true fashionista. It aims to provide snapshots of the ongoing and everchanging fashion "addictions" (i.e trends and directions). It is, ultimately, a glimpse about the appreciation for all things beautiful.

So by now after going through a couple paragraphs of my crappy english, you probably know that I am not the best writer in the world. Instead of being the blogger myself, I would love to invite all those luxury crackaholics out there to blog about all those fashion addictions that they are proud to share. It's simple; just follow this template:

Crack #( insert the no. of posts we have): 
(insert brand/person/style/clothing item/whatever related to fashion)

Addictions include:
(insert all the symtons that you have related to this "crack")

(insert your most honest confessions)

The crackaholic:
(insert a little description of yourself. You can talk about your latest muse, your life, your next door neighbor......anything you want to talk about yourself. Please include a photo in your best duds possible)

Easy, huh? email all answers to

There is more to what Luxury on Crack offers: join our community to discuss and share with other crackaholics of your latest and ever changing luxury addictions. Upload photos of your latest acquisitions. Be part of the fun!

Another part of Luxury on Crack is a store that sells my personal collection of designer items. I myself, since being laid off, have decided to pursue my long lost dream of being an interactive designer, hence is planning to go back to graduate school for design. (in Europe! woohoo!!) I am selling almost my entire designer collection, including all my almost new handbags and shoes to raise money for my Tuition in the fall. (That means only less than 4 months for me!) Help a fellow fashionista out and give some love to the store! and, as cliche as it sounds, I would really love to pass on my items to the home that it deserves the love and attention that it should get. Simply click the first link under my "essential links" column. If you have a similar situation like me, and have something that you want to sell, contact me at 

Anyways, that's enough BSing* for now. Time for me to research my next post on some luxury crack! I will update the site at least once a day, so be sure to come check back often and COMMENT!! Help me pass the word and love to some of your other stylish friends as well!!


Susanna (a.k.a Crackaholic #1)

* I met a girl at a party that owns every pair of YSL tributes that ever existed. No kidding.
*BSing = Bullsh*ting

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bargain Luxury Shopping

For those of you who are into luxury deals like me, here are some invites to the major online designer discount sites:

Gilt Groupe:


Rue La La:

Whoever wants to be their member post your email, and I will send an invite email to you!