Monday, May 25, 2009

Crack #5: Tie-Dye elements ( only restricted to BLUE AND WHITE color combinations)

One of the most important indication of the popularity of a trend is its extension into the "twelve by Twelve" line at Forever 21*. Based on this observation, the surface of this Tie-dyed Cardigan at Forever 21 (Pictured above) indicates that, after two decades of neglect or even disgust by the fashion world, that this trend is back once more, stronger than ever, to invade each and every wardrobe of fashionastas around the world.

The Tie-Dye we are referring to here is not the kind that you would find on the ageless (and homeless) hippie on Haight Street, or on the average American dad that are bought from the soverneir shops in Hawaii. The ones that we are referring to only consists of 2 colors ( This statement is backed up by 3 hours of research online to find a single piece of designer tie-dyed item that has more than 3 colors) -- mostly Blue and white, with the occasion combination of other colors such as black, grey or red with white. Note, that no matter what color the tie-dyed is based on, it MUST be paired with white.

The Evolution of the Tie-Dyed element within different types of clothing is basically the same as the evolution of the trend itself (which will be explained later when we discuss the origin and th starter of the trend): The Tie-Dye element is first found in Handbags (by Miu Miu), then later on extended into Dresses (Thakoon) and Jeans (Balmain). With the help of the mass-produced retailers such as Forever 21 and Urbanoutf

So which designer started the Tie-Dyed trend for this season? It seems that Miu Miu had already incorporated the idea of using new color in tie dye in their handbags way back in 2007, and given the excessive appreciation from the Olsen twins and fashion insider such as Taylor Tomasi, the trend has gained momentum into transforming the once symbol of the hippie ( signified by the bursting colors) to the now important element of every cool girl in town.

Thakoon has later on continued the inspirations by constructing dresses with Tie-Dyed patterns. The patterns has later on became his signature design asthetic, transferring from his own line to his guest collection with Target.

The Tie-dye trend is in its full speed this season when Balmain send their models waltzing down the runway with the ribbed tie-dyed jeans.

It is then we realize that Tie-Dye actually LOOKS GOOD on the lower body; Suddenly, UrbanOutfitters started carrying Tie-Dyed jeans; then it's Tarjay, Forever 21, and god knows, later in the year perhaps Old Navy and Aeropostale starts having these Balmain-inspired jeans in every color.

The trend is predicted to continue on this summer as it transcends to younger and younger girls (<15)as they roam around the streets with Tie-Dyed Levis Jeans or Forever 21 Tie-dyed leggings; though hopefully in the future, our children will still remember that the Original Tie-Dye looks like this:

Perhaps by then, though, with the addition of more and more possible colors and clothing item ( i.e tie-dyed socks?) , it might not be surprising that eventually, the rainbow tie-dye will be "in" again.

* Twelve by Twelve is the "premium" line at Forever 21 that features "designer" details, and sold at a slightly higher price than the normal Forever 21 line

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