Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crack #1: Balenciaga Handbags i.e BBag

Yes, I would dare say 80% of anyone who have been in one of the major cities (New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong) have come across this slouchy looking, briefcase - but not so structure type of bag before. The 80% of anyone includes your father and any men who would not have any single correlation with fashion at all. Not that they have seen the real BBag, but the replica, and the replica of the better replicas.

Yes, everybody, for the first fashion "crack" to be mentioned on this blog, there is no other item, trend or designer than to feature the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.

The basic question, about what Balenciaga is, will most likely to be asked by anyone who will ever come across this blog. ( but in case if you do, here's the wikipedia page). All I can say is, it is perhaps the most legen -- wait for it -- dary brand of now. (sorry about my Barney from "How I met your mother here. Check out their newest episode here) There will be much more posts about this fashion house. Wait and see.

The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag has been gracing the arms of the most famous women in history, according to this article:

"In 1915 the young Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga began designing fine fashions for some of the most notable women of the ear, including the Duchess of Windsor and the Princess of Monaco"

And till today, the famous women translate to the following women nowdays:

(The red purse that Lindsey is holding is the YSL Muse bag. We will come to that later. Also, Nicole seems to love the BBag wayy too much.)

And now, here are some of the ladies ( and men) that, in my opinion, totally rocks the Bal bag:

The biggest thing about the BBag is how its style last through years, if not centuries. The most famous forms of the BBag, the motorcycle bag, has maintained the same style season after season ( the only variations are of the shape, with which they distinguish by the names of Twiggy, city, midday, etc. I am no expert here, but the ladies in the Balenciaga forum on "The purse forum" can give you a whole lecture on that). What varies season by season is its colors, with which they have soecific names such as "praline", "officer", etc. (again, please refer to the ladies on The purse forum about color styles)

Anyways, since I am no BBag expert, I would stop here for now since you would know enough as to understand the craze for these bags. As for me, I currently own 2 BBags -- one white midday, and one Officer City. In case you are interested in my white midday, here's a link to give you more details.

I am currently lusting on the Praline City, which just came out this season. Aaaahh the pretty pretty damn thing!

So what do you guys think about the BBag? Is it still way too expensive and overrated, or is it justified?



Photos courtesy of the Satorialist and The purse Forum


  1. I also have a balenciaga city in officer! You are the first person that I have come across who has one too. I got a smokin' deal on mine, and was wondering if the color is rare to come across? I was contemplating selling it on ebay, but Idk if I can part with it since it is my first bbag. If you can, please let me know. Thanks!

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