Friday, May 15, 2009

Interruption#2:Crack #4: Natural Beauty

Dear Readers,

Apart from my usual lusting of designer items all over the internet, I came across this photo that inspired this post. Hence my Interruption, yet again, on the post ab
out Crack #2: Studded elements.

Crack #4: Natural Beauty

Who is she?

**excuse the extremely poor quality of the photo and the large pixels**

(scroll down to see the other half)

The story behind this couple can be read here.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Pictured here with hubby Michael Aris.

Yes, she is perhaps the most beautiful women in the world. No Designer duds, no expensive purses. Runs the true blood of royalty, yet chooses to invest her money, time, future and all those luxuries of life in something she believes in. A true Beauty inside out, one that exceeds any genius designer item in the world. (And yes, she is a fashion pioneer too. Look at that Bob)

Is The Satorialist's street style photos inspired by this one?

If you have a religion, please pray for her safety from her recent arrest; If you don't believe in a god, please take the time to read this article.

As for me, it's time I stop lusting for this past season Chloe Milton bag,

and start thinking about using the teeny weeny power of this money to help someone do something that I would never even have the courage to think of.

That is all.



P.S The post on Crack #2: studded elements is coming soon. The importance that studs plays visually and culturally in the fashion world is such an enormous topic, with which I want to take more time into finding the true meaning behind the phenomenon of the craze for studs.

Just Kidding.

In no way would I ever write such a yummylicious topic in such a heavy way. Studs are just pure..... awesome. The blog should just be filled with images after images of genius usage of this square eye candy, ready for you to lust your guts out before you could ever afford a single item pictured. Yes, I promise you, not even be able to afford a single stud on any of the items.

Just Kidding again. (wait..... maybe not so kidding. Could be true. Look at this Jacket:

I bet I couldn't even afford to TOUCH the studs. )

And my other point of putting Carine's photo is to end this post with another Natural Beauty, this time with all the designer duds!

I believe all of us don't have a problem with that ( for both Carine and the designer duds, I mean)

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