Sunday, February 7, 2010

Motivational Jacket

Sorry for my belated post -- my absence in the blogworld has been a long one, given my transition from California to London for grad school. ( and for that, I will definitely have a post about the London fashion-o-sphere coming up).

To start off the new year, I decided that I should really have to pick up the things that I've left behind, one thing being this blog.

The best thing about Christmas, apart from Jesus and the holidays, is the sales. I'm talking THE BIGGEST SALE -- markdowns that could last me bragging till next christmas.

so in this sale I managed to pick up 2 Rick Owens LEATHER jackets ( yes it's THE leather jacket) from an online site -- both at 60% off. I would say I did pretty good.

I remembered I tried on a Rick Owens Lilies jacket a while back, and remembered a size 42 to fit me perfectly. ( mind you though, that it is a blanket sort of like style jacket, so it's meant to be bigger) Bingo, the only size I found left on the site is a 42. Though this is not the usual size I wear ( yes I'm a super size in the fashion world), I justify myelf into buying -- not one, but two -- of size 42 rick owen jackets, yet some part in my heart I know that I am risking embarrassments of tight sleeves.

And my intuition not only turns out to be true; it turns out to be worse than true. I can't even freaking zip the thing!

Call it great timing, call it bad timing, this jacket arrives at the time when I started to realize that I am too fat, so fat that the existance of mirrors started to annoy me slightly. Now I've been telling myself to lose weight for a while, ever since 2 summers ago, yet my lazy self, along with the abundance of size 12 clothing in the states, encouraged the delay of this much-needed cause. At some point I couldn't take it, so much to the extreme that I went on to buy my dream Mcqueen jacket 2 sizes smaller ( of course at a bargain price). Yet the bubble tea and other size 12 clothes in my closet made me betray the dreams of one day walking out the house with that jacket on.

Seeing the size 42 Rick Owens jacket in front of me, scenes of my failure with Motivational jacket #1 starts pouring in -- Should I keep the jacket, hang it on my wall, like how I did with the Mcqueen, and tell myself everyday that I have to one day fit into this jacket ( as well as having that perfect life of being able to fit all small size bargain sale finds, like that ridiculously amazing size 40 Givenchy leather jacket on sale at Harrods )? Or should I learn my lesson, and just take in the fate that I won't ever succeed, and do a good deed by passing on this jacket(i.e return/ selling it on ebay) to whoever the next lucky girl out there who will fit this jacket, at the same time save myself the time , money and false hopes each morning?

Does any of you guys experience situations like this? When's the last time you actually bought a clothing to MOTIVATE yourself? Does it ever work?

My decision? HHm.....Let's see if Mr Owens can do the magic.

P.S These are the my motivational Jackets #2 & 3

Motivational Jacket #1: Rick Owens Wrap Jacket

Motivational Jacket #2: Rick Owens Metallic Leather Jacket


  1. I like #1! Steph and I were talking about motivational clothing a day or two after i saw this post. Why do girls always do that? If I plan on picking up a sport or join the gym I usually look for outfits and accessories first. -.-

  2. haha I guess that's because our goal to lose weight is to wear all those pretty clothes:)