Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Mcqueen part ii -- Sarah Jessica Parker

Among all the public figures mourning for Mcqueen, I cannot agree more to what Sarah Jessica Parker says:

The Sex and the City fashionista said she was "shocked and overcome with grief" since hearing about McQueen's death.
"He was talented well beyond his years and the seriousness and unrivaled talent which he applied to his work is in bountiful display year after year and collection after collection," she said. "Every single inspired, original, lofty, whimsical, stunning, brilliant and jaw dropping detail was Alexander McQueen."

and here comes my favourite part:

"What is more devastating is that despite all his success thus far creatively, critically and commercially, his greatest achievements lay ahead of him," Sarah Jessica Parker said in a statement. "The future would be whatever he hoped to make of it."

Wow. This women can really see things.

What really is the greatest pity out of this death is the death of
all future great shows, and deep and complex worlds.

This really gets me thinking about how I myself should make of my future too.

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