Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P My fashion Superhero -- an eulogy

If I was invited to give my eulogy at Mcqueen's funerial, this would be what I would say:

We love you too Mcqueen.

While mourning for Mcqueen ( i.e watching his show again and again, reading all the news articles about him) , I received several calls from my friends telling me that they're sorry for the loss of Mcqueen.

Here is a conversation that lighten up the mood a little bit:

Friend: he is indeed very young... imagine he were alive till 70... 30 more years of style innovation. me: I know! seriously, 30 more years of shoes and shows... and sample sales for me! :(..... friend: his new shoes are wacky!! me: I was so antipacting the May sample sale friend: no more susanna.. no more. it's a sign!!! mcqueen: i die to end your shopaholicism. me: (hate to say this, but this really cracks me up) noooooo Mcqueen don't! Friend: well.. there are still quite a lot left. mission failed. me: oops.

Dear all great designers and artists of the world,
please, please, please don't ever commit suicide.

Think of all the girls and women in the world who admire your designs.
Be it the women who splurge on your newest collection on Net-a-Porter,
or the young girl who can only afford your annual Sample Sale items,
your existence provided them the hopes and dreams of becoming one of the amazing wonderwomen in the wonderland you created.

I was so anticipating the next great Leather Jacket from A/W 2010, having the faint hopes of perhaps getting my hands on one in the May 2011 sample sale.

I was so anticipating the next sale in Harrods for one of your newest clutches.

I was so anticipating to one day finally own one of your amazing leggings,
be it 3 seasons later on

I long for the day that, when I'm in the position to earn enough money,
that I don't need to wait till a few seasons to wear your latest designs.

One day i want to dress like this...

and you just smashed all of our little hopes and dreams...

by ending your life.

Why can't you just wait a little bit, till I get a bit older, richer, bolder (and perhaps slimmer),
to finally get to wear and appreciate your designs.

You are SO mean.

I mourn for you, Lee, and I mourn for my lost hopes and dreams.

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